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OWNER / DIRECTOR, Certified Pilates Instructor and Rehab Specialist, NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Nicole started practicing Pilates when she was a dancer rehabilitating from an injury. Seeing its immediate benefits, she continued her training in New York City in order to strengthen and stay injury-free throughout her professional dance career. Nicole earned a B.F.A in dance at University of the Arts in Philadelphia with concentrations in kinesiology and anatomy. Her interest in teaching grew from a desire to practice healthy living and inspire others to do the same. In 2000, Nicole received her Pilates teacher certification from Ellie Herman. After instructing at several San Francisco studios, she and Elizabeth Donahue opened the doors to The Corner Studio. Every one of Nicole’s clients receives a tailored training session combining Pilates and functional training. A NASM certified personal trainer, she has the expertise and genuine wish to empower people to live their most fit lives.


OWNER / DIRECTOR, Certified GYROTONIC® and Pilates Instructor
Elizabeth has been training clients for 15 years, and been discovering her own joy of movement forever. She leads her sessions from an experienced eye of the body’s movement and a deep understanding of its function, while tailoring them to individual needs. Liz strives to offer a place (in sessions and at TCS) for clients to deepen the relationship with their own body — to learn to walk, stand, jump, and advance their movement, to be free from pain and restrictions.

She completed her Pilates certification with the esteemed Madeline Black (2000) and her original certification in the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® with Master Teacher, Debra Rose (2003). Since opening The Corner Studio in 2004, her inquisitive mind has pushed her to expand her practice to include two additional GYROTONIC apparatus and numerous functional and anatomical workshops. Along with co-owner Nicole Dessoye, she developed a group integrative fitness class (G.I.T. FIT) designed to teach functional movements using a variety of equipment. Liz’s approach has been inspired by a of a number of influential teachers working in a variety of modalities, including Jean-Claude West, Tamara Yoneda, and Evelyn Miller-Freebury.


Certified Personal Trainer MFA, ACSM; Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner
Certified in FMS, TRX, Pilates, Yoga
Christine Germain is a movement specialist who wants to share with the world the therapies that have helped her recover from injury and improve her fitness.To improve her clients’ quality of motion, she observes carefully and analyzes. She is persistently learning new approaches and methods in order to help clients perform better, recover, and achieve their wellness goals. All her life, Christine has been an active mover: figure skating, synchronized swimming, gymnastics, circus arts, martial arts, and various dance styles from around the world. She received her BFA (Concordia University, Montreal) and MFA (UC Davis) in Dance and Choreography using somatic education as part of the curriculum. In 2007, she became a personal trainer certified by the American College of Sports Medicine. Christine is now a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner since beginning her training in Feldenkrais in 2003. Other certifications include: Yoga, by the Sivananda Vedanta Center; Pilates, through Balance Body University; TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise), from Fitness Anywhere; and FMS (Functional Movement Screen), by Functional Movement Systems.


Certified Pilates and GYROTONIC® Instructor, LMT
Fran embarked on her 30-year exploration of fitness and movement therapies seeking to ease the musculoskeletal pain and imbalances in her own body resulting from scoliosis. And as an actress and singer she wished to cultivate a strong, supple, and balanced body. Fran specializes in treating musculoskeletal issues, such as scoliosis, and is skilled at restoring optimal balance in musculature and minimizing patterns of compensation. She can tailor and modify exercises for those recovering from accidents, injuries, and surgeries. A fascination with movement has led her to delve deeply into many movements systems, including Iyengar Yoga, Feldendrais, Alexander Technique, and Trager Bodywork, and she draws upon these in her practice. At the heart of Fran’s teaching is a profound respect and appreciation for the intelligence and resilience of the human body. She views her work with each client as a unique, exciting, and collaborative process of discovery. Fran currently holds certifications in Pilates, GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, and Hendrickson Method of Orthopedic Massage and Manual Therapy.


Certified Pilates, Rehab Specialist, Somatic Experience Trainer
Frances, a former professional dancer in the Bay Area, is a certified Pilates instructor. Knowledgeable and gentle, she specializes in injury rehabilitation with an emphasis on pelvic/spinal support and gait pattern. She has worked successfully with clients suffering a variety of injuries and surgeries, including knee and hip replacement, arthroscopic knee surgery, cervical and lumbar bulging discs, TOS, pre- and postpartum conditioning, and nerve degeneration. Frances also comes highly skilled in Swedish, Deep Tissue/Sports and Cranial-Sacral massage, and in 2004 became a Trainer of Somatic Experiencing.


Certified Pilates and GYROTONIC® Instructor
Born to move, Iddy began her life happily bouncing in a springy chair and energetically dancing off the couches of her parents’ living room. Many years later, she discovered the wonders of Pilates while studying dance at Saint Mary’s college and went on to study Pilates Mat with Integrated Teacher Training (ITT), equipment training with Tom McCook through Physical Mind Institute, and completed the Teacher Training Program at Pilates Education Lab. Iddy is also certified in Level 1 Gyrotonic, Level 1 Archway, and Level 1 Franklin Method.

Other studies include human anatomy, massage, Alexander Technique, yoga, Feldenkrais, dance, Body Mind Centering, TRX, trampoline, swimming, surfing, functional movement patterns, tabata, muscle confusion, and total body fitness. Iddy also teaches Dance for the Rhythm & Motion Dance Program and G.I.T FiT at TCS. She has an extensive background teaching swimming, dance and physical education to children.

Known for her warm and passionately intense personality, Iddy combines athleticism and fluidity in her approach to teaching that promotes freedom and precision of movement. Her classes have been described as “challenging and delightful”.


Certified Pilates Instructor; Certified in Yamuna Body Rolling
Certified GYROTONIC® Instructor including Archway equipment
Jessica is fascinated by the functionality and mechanics of the human body. From this inspired place, she devotes her practice to educating people about their own bodies and how to live healthfully and functionally. She imbues her teaching style with her own experiences as a professional modern dancer and yoga practitioner. Certified in pilates in 2000 through Madeline Black, she trained primarily with Carrie Field, Mercy Sidbury, Elizabeth Larkham, and Jean Sullivan. She earned her GYROTONIC® certification in 2002 at White Cloud West under the tutelage of Debra Rose, Elizabeth Dawson, Tamara Yoneda, and Mike Luque. Jessica loves seeing GYROTONIC® help clients surpass their perceived movement range. She is also certified in Yamuna Body Rolling, a muscle releasing massage technique using small balls. Jessica is the founder of Enchanted Ridge Dance Retreat, which focuses on bringing dance artists in touch with nature. To learn more about Jessica or to contact her directly for training, visit


Certified Personal Trainer

After switching careers, Jason decided to take his life-long passion for athletics and channel it into becoming a personal trainer. He received his certification from The National Strength and Conditioning Association, a Bachelor’s in Health Lifestyle and Coaching, and later went on to receive his Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification. With an emphasis on body weight training, he enjoys teaching Olympic lifting and kettlebells to help maximize explosive power and strength, though his primary focus is in lifelong health and fitness.


Certified Pilates Instructor; NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Ravi became interested in personal training when he moved to the Bay Area from Brazil 12 years ago. Coming from his fitness background, his approach is to combine functional training with the Pilates practice. Ravi experienced how Pilates helped improve his own conditioning to surf better and prevent injuries. He finds that Pilates’s precise movements requires a lot of mental focus while being physically challenging just like in any sport, yet is gentle on the body. Ravi’s passion is teaching mind-body awareness through movement and believes Pilates is a practice that can help anyone, whether they hold a desk job or a professional athlete. Ravi has completed the Balance Body Comprehensive Pilates Training and teaches group classes and individual clients. He has been a certified Personal Trainer for over 7 years and has also taught kettlebell, TRX, indoor cycling, weight training and sport performance training. He is a NASM certified specialist in corrective exercise, performance enhancement, and fitness nutrition.


Certified Pilates Mat Instructor, NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Riikka fell in love with the Corner Studio when she moved to San Francisco three years ago. After training there regularly, she embarked on a life changing journey from corporate career to where her passion lies – health and fitness with focus on mind-body connection and body awareness. She earned a Pilates Mat Instructor certification from ITT Pilates in San Francisco and is certified from NASM as a Personal Trainer. She is also taking prerequisite courses towards studying for a degree in Physical Therapy. Riikka has always been exploring different forms of exercise and sports. She played youth soccer in her native Finland for over 8 years, and now enjoys a variety of activities including Pilates, Gyrotonic, cycling, skiing, hiking and indoor climbing. She has even taken part and enjoyed some very cold and wet Adventure Races in Scotland. Most of all, Riikka loves teaching and the energy that comes from learning and exercising as a group. You might also see her smiling and sweating in your next GIT FIT class.


Certified Pilates Instructor
Amy Kingwill is a movement specialist with 30 years experience in dance training and performance; her Pilates training, yoga practice, Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais work build on this foundation. She brings her love of motion, her kinesthetic awareness, and her inquisitiveness about what bodies can do to assisting you in developing a stronger, happier, healthier body. Amy holds a BFA in Modern Dance from the University of Utah and is a comprehensively certified Body Arts and Science International (BASI) Pilates Instructor. She holds certificates in Pilates in Pregnancy and Beyond and Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies from BASI, and is working toward specialization in rehabilitation and age-related conditioning.

An active person who spent many years going “all out” as a professional dancer, Amy learned Pilates to address an injured hip with chronic pain and arthritis. She learned that if we consciously repattern motion efficiently, use healthy alignment, and strengthen muscles through proper body mechanics, we can remove limitations of motive expression and release the pain which restricts us. By doing Pilates regularly, you will find a restored confidence  in yourself, in your body, and in your ability to do what you most love to do. Classes with Amy focus on awareness, precision, flexibility, and strength, and assure that you have fun, learn a lot, and leave feeling invigorated and inspired.


Certified Pilates Instructor
Abby Crain has been teaching Pilates since 1999 in the Bay Area, New York City and Austin Texas. She was certified by Master teacher Madeline Black. She continued her studies with Mercy Sidbury of St. Frances Dance Medicine in San Francisco, who helped her recover from a back injury, and Carrie Field (now of Taos, New Mexico) who taught her the fundamentals of the technique and how to teach. In New York, Abby was fortunate enough to be whipped into shape after her first child by first generation teacher Kathy Grant, at New York University. Other influential Pilates teachers have been Michelle Larsson, Marie Jose Blum, and Kelly Kane.

She has also studied Body Mind Centering with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Prenatal Yoga  with Mia Borgatta, Pilates for Pregnancy  with Debbie Goodman, Axis Syllabus with Kira Kirsch, and anatomy with Irene Dowd. Abby has studied extensively with Stephanie Skura in Seattle Washington and was certified to teach Open Source Forms, an imaginative mind body practice that unlocks holding in the body through imagery and gentle hands on techniques.

Abby dances and teaches dance in New York and San Francisco, and has practiced yoga since 1991. In 2003, she opened a Pilates studio in New York’s East Village called Sixth Street Pilates which is still flourishing today (under new ownership). She ran Mission Creek Pilates, a beautiful and intimate neighborhood Pilates Studio in the Mission District of San Francisco, from 2010-2016 that offered pilates, bodywork, yoga and feldenkrais in a welcoming and stress free environment. Read more at Yelp . She closed the studio in 2016 in order to focus more intently on her private practice.


Certified Instructor in The Fajardo Method of Holistic Biomechanics®
After using the Fajardo Method of Holistic Biomechanics® to transform her own health, Ollie became a certified instructor in Portland, Oregon, under creator Alicia Fajardo. The Fajardo Method® addresses nervous system health and the role of stress in creating movement and postural imbalances. Ollie loves teaching and helping people improve their movement, reduce chronic pain, and recover from injury. Her favorite movement-related activities include partner dancing, backpacking, swimming and parkour.