BBoy Science gives the lowdown on warming up

In health on 05/07/2013 at 9:05 pm

With the recent arguments against stretching pre-exercise and all this hubbub about what is good and what is not pre-exercise, it’s bound to get a little confusing. Here’s a common-sense approach offered by the good folks at BBoy Science. What they say: WARMING UP IS GOOD!

Why warm up before exercise?

Because you’re looking to prevent injuries, improve your flexibility, and improve your performance. To paraphrase, stretching may / may not be good, but warming up certainly can be, and it definitely won’t hurt you.

How should I do warm up?

Keep it specific. You certainly want to warm up the muscles that you are going to be using. But what you really need to do is warm up the movements you are going to be using. Instead of trying to think of every possible muscle you should warm up, make your warm up resemble what you are going to do. Read more here.

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